North Patagonia Ranch is “Your Place for the Big Game” since you deal directly with its owners, you can hunt in two different fields and we offer hunting promotions.

The Martinez Oliver family decided to name this web page “North Patagonia Ranch” due to their lands located in the North of Patagonia, Province of La Pampa, where the big and small game can be practiced in their two estancias: “El Oasis” and “La Tranquila”, separated between themselves by a 27 mile distance. Such fields are inhabited by the only calden woods worldwide. The calden is a tree that only grows in this South American sector and, in our case, it coexists with other trees and bushes that are very typical of this semidesert area. The founder and first member of the family, owner of these lands since almost 100 years, decided to name one of these lands El Oasis inspired as he was by the many waterholes and lagoons on his property, creating a truly colorful and picturesque landscape. Since the beginning of exploitation, these fields were inhabited by livestock of different types and, little by little, the red deer and wild boar, introduced for sports purposes, coexisted with the native species such as the American lion or puma, ñandú (South American ostrich), guanaco and other different varieties of small animals and birds.

In addition to the 25,000 acres of El Oasis, La Tranquila, which was acquired by the family by mid of last century, has a surface of 12,500 acres and its fields are drier and with thicker bushes than El Oasis which makes hunting a more difficult task.

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